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ShowGirl: Stories

ShowGirl: Stories

Week 5 - The Drag Battle Royal

Hey ShowGirls,

As most of you already know, I sponsor as well as judge an online drag competition called: The Drag Battle Royal. This is a facebook competition akin to Rupauls Drag Race. Each week we challenge the girls to both a mini challenge as well as a Maxi Challenge, The bottom two girls lipsync for their lives and the winner continues onto the next weeks challenge. 

Now I know that we are in our 5th week already, however I have only just released ShowGirlWigs 2.0 and apart from simply being a "Wig Store" I have fashioned this business into your One Stop Drag Hub - I could simply be called : Your Friendly Neighborhood Drag Dealer :) 

Each Week I will be updating this blog with what has happened in TDR and will be spilling the T. 

Week 5 begins with the SHOWGIRLWIGS.COM.AU Challenge, I mini challenged the girls to create their very own "ShowGirl" Wigs using matierials that are unconventional ( Paper, pipecleaners, leaves..ect) and heres what the girls have come up with


After serious debate, the winner was of course:

Miranda Matte.

Her prize was 'Pandora's Box' Did she open it? 



Of Course she did, with doing so Miranda unleashed the worse possible outcome - Instead of a bottom two this week, there would be a bottom four. So in effect, Four girls could be sent home. Thanks Miranda....

The MAXI Challenge that I assigned the girls, Was to Create ShowGirlWig TVSN Adds. The challenge was to convince me to buy the wigs that the girls had made. 

After deliberation with the other judges, the winner was Australian Queen - Atlanta Dusk. You can catch her TVSN video below.

Atlanta won herself, 2 x ShowGirl:Wigs  for this challenge as well as being featured on the ShowGirl website, and Media Channels. 

You can catch Atlanta out on her Facebook Page :


Now who was up for elimination, After Mirandas Unleashing the box of Pandora. Four Girls were to be sent to the lipsync round and they were: Mythica, Veronika, Cheri and Sherry. 


But who was saved..... 


So, Double Elimination.... Booom.  Just like that!  Pandora had struck. 


Well that is What happened in DBR this week, Comment below with anything that you want us to talk about in next weeks blog.


Stay Humble, 

Dakota Fann'ee

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Drag Dealer.



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